My mission is to make my people aware of the time that we are now living in and what they must do to survive the nuclear holocaust that lies ahead.  We are literally sitting on a powder keg with a burning fuse and making no attempt to remove ourselves.  We, the offspring of slaves, are God’s chosen people, not the Israelites.  The Egyptians’ is the world best keeper of records and they have no trace of the Israelites ever being enslaved in Egypt.  God has revealed to me the message of Truth and the only way to survive is to accept the truth and unite under one God, God the Creator and learn to do for ourselves or else we perish.  God will prepare a place for us in the land of our ancestors, it sits on the only continent that would be safe from the apostolic holocaust.  Time is of the essence, we can’t wait to start preparing.  God helps those who help themselves and if you do your best God will do the rest.

I started on this mission in 2011, six years ago.  Since that time I’ve self-published and given out over 15,000 books in the Black community, mostly on Chicago South Side at the various L stations.  I had developed a daily routine,  I would print out 50 books on my printer and most time take them out to the garage and bind them, because my wife would complain about the banging noise when I bind them in the house.  It took me about four hour to print and bind 50 books.  Early the next morning I would put on one of my three piece suits and grab my briefcase full of books and headed for where ever the Jehovah Witness hung out at because I knew they knew all the good spots.  Although I think they hated to see me coming because I didn’t agree with most of their teaching, they were a great source of inspiration for me.  I figured if they could come out every morning and give out their literature or whatever, so could I.  But, my greatest inspiration came from the enthusiastic feedback I was getting from some of my readers.

I like what I was doing but my age began to catch up with me.  The labor of making all those books had made my hand become numb, and my wrist would hurt at night and I knew I had to find a better way of getting the message out.  Thanks to my grandson, Manny, (Emanuel Cole Jr.) for coming to the rescue, he is a graduate of SIU, and a computer wizard.  I am a typical old school guy, slow on modern technology, and he built this site for me and promise to help me maintain it, it pays to be a good Granddad.  I really like this blog thing, you’ll probably be hearing from me quiet often.

Am I, Wesley Cole, the man or am I just another impostor?  That is a question any intelligent person would try and figure out, and that what I did, and now I am a true believer that I am the messenger of God the Creator and my faith get stronger with every passing day.  When I stared on my mission six years ago, I believe that I was the Messenger but my faith was too weak to come right out and say it as I do today.  There was one occurrence in particular that made me know that I was on the right pass and straighten my faith, the election of Donald Trump as President because I had predicted it long  before he came onto the political scene.  In the prologue of the book I wrote, “we should be very much concerned because the conservative has already demonstrated that they are not going to cooperate with the liberal in our two party systems.  They have created the kind of atmosphere that fascism and dictators spring up from.  I am not saying this just to try and frighten you, but we should let history be our guide and try and take our destiny into our own hands and stop being totally dependent on others”.  As soon as Trump throw his hat into the presidential race I know he would win because it was time for someone like him to come in and do God’s biding of bringing this world to an end, and you couldn’t find a more perfect fool then him for the job.  I didn’t vote for him, I voted for Clinton, but my faith might have been shaken had he lost, and it was by the will of God that he won.  I don’t claim to be a prophet, I am a Messenger, but I was right on that one, and we should start preparing for a mass exodus like the world has never seen, and that’s no joke.

How would the White majority in this country react to a Black Nationalist movement here?  Off course with a lot of skepticism, but once they understand the cause and our only law is to obey the laws of land, I believe they will be ok and maybe help us in our cause.  We can’t blame this generation of Whites for the atrocity of slavery committed by their ancestors but the Race problem still exists.  These generations of Whites have done much to help us in our struggle, but they can’t help remove the mental scars of slavery, that I address in my book, we will have to do that on our own, and until we do we will remain dependent on them.  Advocating separation of the Races might sound devise but let’s be real, the finding father never meant for us to be equals in the first place and the only solution to the race problem is separation, not segregation.

I am not wishing any ill upon this country or its people, and I’m grateful to be living here.  In mine mind it seems like they have done enough for us to compensate for the unjust deeds of their forefathers, but that is not our call to make, that call is in the hands of God and we have better heave his power and try and get the hell out of here.

When should we start preparing for an exodus?  The end of where we now preside will come in a flash, and there will be no time to escape.  We should began making escape preparation immediately.  The first step is to accept the truth, the second step is to unite under one God, God the Creator, and accept his Messenger whom he has sent with the truth that will set you free. And the third step is to learn to do for selves.

Should we stay or should we go?  If we stay, we’re gambling with our lives with a dangerous cloud of nuclear an illation hanging over us.  If we go and there was no nuclear holocaust then we would have made a good mistake, by creating our own country and taking our destiny into our own hands.  I think the later would be a wiser choice.

How does God get in this picture?  Normally we think of God in a mythical since, someone who deals with the dead and not in a practical since, someone who deals with the living, but we are not living in normal times.  God is and always has been God of the living, and he is going to make that fact known to the world through you, his chosen people.  We are living at the end of time for this world and he is going to use us, my people to bring in the new world.  We are not here in this country by chance, it was part of Gods bigger plan, nothing happens but by God.  We are living in the time of the climax of this civilization, and it want gradually declaim, it will go out with a bang.  Everything that you are witnessing today, such as political turmoil, violence, climate change, etc, is a sign of the time.  We are part of nature and nature controls us and we do not control it, and until we learn to live with it we will continual to have turmoil on our planet and God is one with nature.  What you are soon to witness is God’s greatest lesson to mankind, the destruction of an old world and the beginning of a new one.  It depends on which side you choose as to whether you will be around to tell the story for future generations or not.