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#Back To Africa Movement

This message is intended for the descendants of slaves and African Americans in general. Its main purpose is to warn you of an impending nuclear war and what you can do to survive. It would be naïve of us to expect to hear this message coming from the White news media because it doesn’t apply to them, but we have the prerogative to go back to Africa, the safest place on Earth from a nuclear war, and God has made it so. Self- preservation is the first law of nature.

Do you believe that it will be a nuclear war during your lifetime? If so, do you think that God is involve? If your answer is yes to these questions, then you are with the majority of us, but if you answer no, then you better wake up and look around and see what’s going on in the world. Things are not going to get better, it’s going to continue to get worse until it ends in a nuclear apocalypse that will end this world/civilization and God has chosen us, the descendants of slaves to bring in the new world/civilization, and that’s why he let our fore parents to be bought here as slaves, to prepare us for what lies ahead. Now that we have the knowledge and know how, we must unite under one God and start thinking and doing for ourselves or perish.

We are living in the days of Reckoning, and each of us must decide on whether we want to stay here and perish in a nuclear apocalypse war or embark on an exodus back to Africa and build our own nation. Time is of the essence but God is in the mix.

God has chosen us, the descendant of slaves, as his people in order to show all mankind that he and he alone is God. He has revealed to me a message of truth and chosen me as his Messenger and your Savior to save you from a nuclear apocalypse that looms upon the horizon.  How do I know that I am the chosen one?  Because I am the one he revealed the message to. The political discord that prevails throughout the land is a sure sign of the time we’re living in and things are not going to get better, but continue to get worse until the end.

You must make the right decision because the penalty for the wrong decision is death on judgement day. Religion is the strongest obstacle for us, the descendant of slaves, to overcome in making the right decision. Christianity was introduced to our fore parents during slavery by their slave master as a sedative of a sort, to help ease the pain and misery of slavery. It served its purpose well, the thought of going to heaven after death helped to ease the pain and misery they were enduring as slaves, but by the time of emancipation they were well hooked on it, and that’s where we are today. It is a legacy of slavery that we foolishly wear as a cloak of honor but it is a cloak of slavery and there is no honor in being a slave. The truth is sometimes like bitter medicine: it might not taste good but it will cure what ills you, and God prescribed it.

God has no religion and he communicates with us through truth, and religions are founded on myth. Truth and myth goes together like light and darkness: when light appears darkness disappears but if you close your eyes you can’t tell, and so be it with the truth and myth. If you put your mind into a denial mode you can’t tell the difference between truth and myth no matter how clear it is. For an example, If I say there is only one God, God the Creator, and you say there is only one God, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost, then one of us is using truth and one of us is using myth. And the Gods you serve are mythical Gods. You can’t get to know God the Creator through myth, you can only know him through truth. When you deny the truth you’re denying God and the penalty will be death on the day of judgement. God the Creator, the only true and living God, is God of the living and the way to serve him is by doing right. When religion teaches that God is God of the dead, they’re teaching false doctrine. The time has come for truth to prevail and you will know the truth when you hear it.

God has no Religious faith, Religion is from men and is built on myth that will last for a time, but Truth is the true faith of God and will endure forever. Truth is like mathematics, you can use ration to prove it and it never contradicts itself. This world/civilization was built on myth and it time has come to an end and it is God’s will that it be destroyed and there is nothing anyone can do about it. God has chosen us as his people to usher in a new world built on truth. But we must accept the truth and unite under one God and learn to do for ourselves or perish.

Can you handle the truth?  A Clergy is a person who has mastered the art of standing behind the podium upon the pulpit bellowing out sermons that defies all logic and common sense, but it sounds so good that it make you want to jump up and shout.  They call it preaching, I call it deceiving and I am calling them out on it.  When attending their service, if you could close your mind and let your emotion do its thing, then you would be in for one funky good time, but if you could control your emotion and let your mind do its thing, you would be in for one funky bad day.  We accept them as our leaders but in reality they’re no more than modern day Witch Doctors who mesmerize our minds with their elaborate emotional extravaganza and then relieve us of our money while assuring us of a heavenly reward that no one have never came back to verify.  When you walk out of their place of deception, they are the only ones better off than when you walked in.

We are living in the Day of Judgment and it is time for Truth to prevail.  We have been lied to. We are the victim of the biggest lie on God that has ever been told. God never had a child by another man’s wife.  It’s blasphemy to accuse God of adultery, and we must repudiate the Trinity if we want him to be on our side.  We are living in the Day of Judgment and we will be judged by whether we accept or reject the truth.  There is only one way out of our predicament and that is to accept the truth and unite under one God and he has revealed the truth to me and you will know it when you hear it.

I have written a book called The Message.  What is the message?  The message is the truth that will set our mind free from four hundred years of slavery and save us from what lies ahead.  I have posted brief overview of the first three chapters and the entire book will soon be made available on Amazon.  Although the book targets the African-American market, I am sure it will make good reading for all.

The Mission

My mission is to make my people aware of the time that we are now living in and what they must do to survive the nuclear holocaust that lies ahead.  We are literally sitting on a powder keg with a burning fuse and making no attempt to remove ourselves.  We, the offspring of slaves are God’s chosen people not the Israelites.  The Egyptians’ is the world best keeper of records and they have no trace of the Israelites ever being enslaved in Egypt.  God has revealed to me the message of Truth and the only way to survive is to accept the truth and unite under one God, God the Creator and learn to do for ourselves or else we perish.  God will prepare a place for us in the land of our ancestors, it sits on the only continent that would be safe from the apostolic holocaust.  Time is of the essence, we can’t wait to start preparing.  God helps those who help themselves and if you do your best God will do the rest.

I started on this mission in 2011, six years ago.  Since that time I’ve self-published and given out over 15,000 books in the Black community, mostly on Chicago South Side at the various L stations.  I had developed a daily routine,  I would print out 50 books on my printer and most time take them out to the garage and bind them, because my wife would complain about the banging noise when I bind them in the house.  It took me about four hour to print and bind 50 books.  Early the next morning I would put on one of my three piece suits and grab my briefcase full of books and headed for where ever the Jehovah Witness hung out at because I knew they knew all the good spots.  Although I think they hated to see me coming because I didn’t agree with most of their teaching, they were a great source of inspiration for me.  I figured if they could come out every morning and give out their literature or whatever, so could I.  But, my greatest inspiration came from the enthusiastic feedback I was getting from some of my readers.

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