I am Wesley, the long awaited, Messiah.  We are living in the end of time for this terrestrial world, the Earth, and it is my mission to prepare you, my people, for a new celestial world in the cosmos, which is the only real Heaven.   Our God, God Emmanuel, have revealed a message of truth to me to deliver to you, that could save you from the destruction of this world.     

In the year 1938 my Mother, (may she rest in peace), who had almost died giving birth to me and my identical twin, Lesley, claim that she had had an out of body experience while giving birth to us, that revealed to her that I would be the Messiah, but we will let my message speak for itself. 

The human race is a hybrid race.  we have a terrestrial body, but we have slowly evolved a celestial brain, and this wasn’t by chance.  Once upon a time there were no human upon the earth, only primates and other wild animals.  But in the celestial world in the cosmos, intelligent life had existed for eons.  The celestial being have eternal life, their bodies are made of some type of material that do not deteriorate or decay, but they or non-sexual and cannot have babies, and this is our sole purpose for being here.   Our God, Emmanuel, is a celestial being, and when he wanted to increase his numbers, he sent some of his highly intelligent  helpers down to Earth to capture some primates and do something to them to cause them to slowly evolve into who we are today.  We are the only terrestrial being that is so obsess with the celestial world that we spend lots of money studying it.  Our celestial brain is wanting to go home, but our terrestrial body is holding it back because it depends on the earth for its existance.  The time has come for us to be born again, meaning it is time for our celestial brain to be transferred into a celestial body, and only then can we enter heaven, the celestial world. 

But only a small percentage of us will accept the truth and be saved.  This world is founded on myth, religions are the foundation of this world and all religions are made up of myth.  God has no religion and he has sent me with the truth because it is time for the truth to prevail.   God has let myth prevail ever sense the early stage of our evolution in order to make life easier for us to endure.   We are living in the last days and the time has come for the truth to be told, and you will know the truth when you hear it, and you must decide as to weather you want to put your faith in the truth or myth.  The truth will lead you to the true and living God and an eternal life in the real heaven, in the cosmos. 

The following are blogs I have written with the intention of modifying and merging into the last chapter of my autobiography title “ A VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS.”  The book is 90% finished and I am searching for a qualified agent to help me do the rest.